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Our logos bring together three important elements: the ocean (moana), the land (whenua) and our people (tangata) – all of which are at the heart of Akarana Marine Sports Charitable Trust and Hyundai Marine Sport Centre’s philosophy.

The logo represents each of these core elements in a different way and together they provide a source of unity, identity and create a sense of belonging. The circular shape brings everyone together to create a whare tapere (community centre).

The blues are in keeping with a marine theme, while the maroon in the Akarana Marine Sports Charitable Trust logo represents leadership as the governing body.
The symbol used in both logos demonstrates the two organisations working together to achieve the same goal of te pae tawhiti – in pursuit of wellbeing for our people.

With the coming of daylight and looking forward with an the eye on the horizon (taharangi) is a vital navigation tool for all marine activity and for anyone looking for new places to explore and with a future focus. A key aspect of our vision, this is symbolised in the bottom curve of.

Ringa whawha
The three lines are ringa whawha, the three helping hands. Symbolic of the help and guidance that will be given to our communities by providing safe pathways to the sea.

The rolling spiral represents both puputarakihi, the paper nautilus, from the sea and kanohi pupu, the cats eye – indicative of the meeting of land and the sea. This shape is also reflective of waves.

For any queries relating to our brand, to obtain logo files or brand guidelines, please contact…

Rachael WisemanMarketing & Communications Manager
+64 21 190 0367