The New Navigators Programme

Through participation in marine sports, the New Navigators programme teaches students from decile one and two intermediate schools’ teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, self-esteem and confidence. Furthermore, the programme gives the students an understanding of the marine environment, water safety, and a sincere appreciation for the ocean.

”It was the best day of my life!”

‘‘Why does the water taste funny? … I didn’t know the ocean was salty!”

”I never thought I could have done what I’ve done. It’s been awesome.”

“I want to sail across the ocean.”

In a nation surrounded by the sea, many of our youth are missing out on the learning and self-development opportunities that engagement with our ocean can provide.

New Navigators delivers an inclusive and safe environment in which all young people can experience, grow and explore pathways to the sea.

The Program

Through participation in marine sports students will develop life skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving, building self-esteem and self-confidence. Students also learn about the marine environment and water safety, developing a sincere appreciation for the ocean.

A fully inclusive, no-barriers model:

• Return bus transportation
• A full day of interactive learning, delivered by experienced coaches and educators
• All boats, sailing and safety gear provided


The cornerstone of New Navigators, our marine sports content, is flexible to suit learning objectives of our schools. While sailing is the primary activity, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and waka ama may also be offered. A range of off-water modules support learning and ensure students can be educated with engaging activities regardless of the weather.


A longer term goal is for a senior students studying complementary NCEA subjects such as Outdoor Education, Sports Leadership and Earth & Space Science to attend training and assist to deliver our programs gaining hands-on experience, mentoring and exposure to career pathways.

The Venue

Operating from the new Hyundai Marine Sports Centre and within the protected waters of Okahu Bay, the environment and facilities are world-class.

Risk Management

A critical priority, our comprehensive safety policies and processes will be supported by regular training for all engaged personnel and our commitment to ongoing feedback and reviews.

Student & School Criteria

We work with intermediate schools across the Auckland region that have a decile one or two rating. We welcome selection input from sponsors funding specific days.

The Opportunity

Help us to deliver, the New Navigators programme to more students in the Auckland region.

$ 70 = one student, per full-day session
$ 2,100 = class of 30 students, per day

Contact us to learn more about New Navigators and how your donation, sponsorship, voluntary involvement or VIK contribution could contribute to this exciting program. With your support we can reach our goals to educate and inspire through the self-discovery and learning opportunities our ocean offers.

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Hyundai Marine Sports Centre
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